Thursday, December 30, 2010

Southern-Fried Hockey

Tonight and tomorrow represent trap games for the Engineers, make no doubt about it. One thing we really haven't seen from RPI in the last decade are good, solid, decisive outings against lesser competition. Say what you will about some of the teams Union has played at home, they went out and took it to them.

Alabama-Huntsville fits into the category of lesser competition, unfortunately. By some metrics, including KRACH, the Chargers are the worst team in the nation.

Does RPI need to pound the Chargers this week? No, they just need a couple of wins. But if they let UAH hang around, especially considering that it's their home ice, the Engineers may find themselves settling for a tie or on the short end of the score. Either one of those results, even just once this week, will make the goal of a national tournament appearance much more difficult. Look at Union - they dropped a pair of games at Western Michigan, and they dropped several places in the Pairwise. And WMU isn't even that bad.

So as the Engineers head into the Deep South, a country themed pumpup for you to enjoy.

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