Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Without A Peer

Please welcome Ed DerGurahian to Without a Peer!

Twas the night before Christmas
Here in the ECAC
the RPI fans were all happy
and shouting with glee

The first half of the season
has been put in the books
and the goal stealing refs
were acting like crooks

Yale is in front
the team a real work horse
the only blemish thus far
a loss to Air Force.

Princeton is tied
for the league lead
but they're in New Jersey
a pleasure, indeed

For third place
Thompson Arena's the scene
that's where you'll find
the Dartmouth Big Green

The Golden Knights and Bobcats
have nine points apiece
Opponents are hoping
that those points will cease

Union has seven
but could only have five
RPI fans will watch
U's yearly nosedive

RPI has six
and looks to move up
fans want Seth to hoist
Bill Cleary's Cup

St. Lawrence is tied
with our red and white
but January 8
will be a rough night

The bottom four of the league
begins with Brown
their captain Harry Z.
he's a real clown

Look Mr. Schaefer
of where you now stand
maybe now you will realize
your hockey is bland

and Mr. Donato
you were a great Bruin,
but by being a coach
your team is in ruin.

And last but not least
is lonely Colgate
who has one conference tie
and not doing so great.

Thank you for reading
from all of us here
Merry Christmas to all!
And happy New Year!

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