Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boston Terriers Are Not Scary

See? Very cute and not scary.

And this is coming from fans of a team called the "Engineers." So of course, it's all in good fun.

As was last night's game. Getting past the awful officiating that marred the whole thing and especially the waning moments (and what else can you really expect from a game officiated by Bryan Hicks at this point?), RPI looks primed. They played as a team against a squad loaded with talent and while BU didn't appear to play their best game, they're nothing to shake a stick at. It was a solid victory for the home team, which is now 7-0-0 inside the friendly confines of Houston Field House.

And don't look now, but if the season ended today, 9 of RPI's 16 games thus far would be against teams playing in the national tournament. It should come as no surprise that the Engineers' schedule to date is rated as the toughest in the ECAC - or that their 9-4-3 record sees them ranked 9th in the nation according to KRACH.

When asked if this was a signature win for the team, Allen York (28 saves, including two on the breakaway) had the right response. "You know, it could be...but at the end of the day it's still a regular season win so I hope not."

Strap in and hold on. This could get exciting.

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  1. I think my post's picture sums up those Terriers nicely:


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