Friday, December 10, 2010

Bring a Friend

We've got a challenge for you this weekend.

On Saturday at 3:30pm, the Engineers welcome seventh-ranked Boston University to the Field House. It's an important game going forward for RPI. A win would go a long way toward making this team eligible for an at-large bid to the national tournament. There aren't really that many more chances left for the Engineers to impress outside of the conference. As a matter of fact, given that the UAH games are the end of the non-conference schedule... this is it.

This game is indeed being broadcast around the region on Time Warner 3 and around the continent on the NHL Network. Exciting stuff. But if you can, please, do come on down Saturday afternoon and be there yourself.

If you're already planning to be there, that's great news. Bring a friend.

That is our challenge. If you weren't planning on going, go yourself, or if you were planning on going, bring someone who wasn't. Let's get a big, loud RPI crowd in the building on Saturday afternoon, what do you say?

Don't let your Uncle Sam down.

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