Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just Like a Wavin' Flag

What is this, Christmas or the 4th of July?

Well, today, it's both. Get ready to wave the flag this afternoon... you're not going to want to miss this game. We may be about to witness the growth of one of the greatest generations of American hockey players since the Miracle on Ice, and many of the players who are likely to be a part of that vanguard will be on the ice together in Troy.

This will surely be an odd game to attend, as there'll be no one to cheer against on the ice. Support the Engineers, of course, but for one night, it'll be time to put away the old standbys and support the opposition as well - nobody sucks tonight. This is an exhibition game - the winner doesn't matter. Just know that RPI will be getting some more game experience against the toughest competition out there, and we'll be getting the golden opportunity to see some amazing high end talent... not the mention the chance to bid a fond farewell to a player who was with us for only one season, but left his mark on the program nonetheless.

Wave that flag!

A little bonus pumpup... something more directly patriotic.

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