Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Women's Season Reset (One Week Out)

Things get a lot less complicated when the number of games dwindles.

Harvard has clinched home ice and will finish in the top three.

Clarkson and Quinnipiac can clinch home ice with at least a draw on Friday. They will be in the top five.

St. Lawrence can clinch home ice on Friday with a win and a Cornell loss. They will finish between 2nd and 6th.

Cornell cannot clinch home ice on Friday. They will finish between 3rd and 6th.

Princeton can finish no lower than their current position, 6th. They can finish as high as 4th.

Dartmouth and Yale will be 7th and 8th in some order. Whichever team finishes with more points on the coming weekend will be 7th, if they finish with the same number, Yale is 7th.

Colgate and RPI will finish between 9th and 11th.

Union can finish anywhere from 9th through 12th.

Brown will be either 11th or 12th.

Tie for 2nd: Quinnipiac is 2nd over Clarkson thanks to a season sweep.
Tie for 7th: Yale is 7th over Dartmouth thanks to a season sweep.
Tie for 9th: Colgate leads RPI 2-0 in the season series.


Quinnipiac - Won, 4-0.
Clarkson - Tied, 1-1. Unknown ECAC wins result.

Clarkson - Won, 4-0.
Cornell - Tied, 2-2. Unknown ECAC wins result.

SLU - Won, 4-0.
Harvard - Tied, 1-1. Unknown ECAC wins result.

St. Lawrence
Quinnipiac - Won, 3-1.

Clarkson, SLU - Won, 3-1.
Quinnipiac - Tied, 2-2. Unknown ECAC wins result.

Cornell - Won, 4-0.
SLU - Tied, 2-2. Likely winner on ECAC wins.

Dartmouth - Won, 4-0.

No tiebreakers won.

Brown - Won, 4-0.
RPI - Ahead, 2-0.
Union - Tied, 1-1. Would win on ECAC wins.

Brown - Won, 4-0.
Union - Won, 3-1.

Brown - Won, 3-1.

No tiebreakers won.

Multiple tiebreakers

CKN-HRV-QU: Harvard, Quinnipiac, Clarkson
CKN-QU-SLU: Quinnipiac, Clarkson, SLU
CKN-COR-QU: Quinnipiac, Cornell, Clarkson
COR-PRN-SLU: Princeton, Cornell, SLU

CKN-COR-QU-SLU: Cornell, Quinnipiac, Clarkson, SLU

COL-RPI-UC: Requires 4 points for Union, Cornell defeating RPI, and RPI-Colgate tie. Would go to third tiebreaker.

* Record against Top 4. RPI has a win over Princeton. Union has a tie with St. Lawrence and would have a win over Cornell. Those are the only points any of the three teams have against possible Top 4 teams. So the tiebreaker is as follows.
         * SLU and/or Cornell: Union, Colgate, RPI
         * Princeton: RPI, Union, Colgate

BRN-COL-UC: Union, Colgate, Brown
BRN-RPI-UC: RPI, Union, Brown

Brown cannot tie both RPI and Colgate because the Engineers and Raiders play each other.

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