Friday, February 1, 2013

Sprint to the End

It's February, and you know what that means - crunch time.

The men have played 12 ECAC games - they have 10 to go. If they can go on a tear now, anything is possible. It starts tonight against a team that's in a very bad way right now in Harvard, and continues tomorrow in the biggest fan game of the year, the Big Red Freakout! against Dartmouth, a team that has turned in a few performances that makes one think they could be vulnerable right now.

The women are riding as high as they can expect right now, but there's room to improve. Six points up on eighth place and three behind sixth place Dartmouth with a game in hand, they don't have to fear falling off the playoff pace right now, but if they want to have a shot at catching Dartmouth and the ability to make their playoff bid more firm, points are going to be a must at Colgate tonight, preferably two. Then tomorrow in Ithaca, whatever happens, happens.

The bottom line... it's time.

God that segue was so cheesy.

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