Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lighting It Up

The men are quickly becoming one of the most dangerous teams in the league. Eight ECAC wins in a row for the first time since... 1985.

This time last month RPI sat in 12th, alone. Today, 2nd. Alone.

And the women made the playoffs this weekend. With two games left and 6 points behind Dartmouth and 6 ahead of Princeton, there's nothing left to play for but pride next weekend - with the exception of maybe influencing where they play in the quarterfinals, given that they host Cornell next Friday. They're likely to travel to either Cornell or Clarkson (assuming Harvard can wipe up Yale and Brown in the two makeup games they have to play).

Did this last week after a big weekend, perhaps it's time to do it again. This pumpup to stay pumped up comes courtesy of a Twitter request by the incomparable Laurel White (@LMDubbs):

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