Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Been Done

Vermont, 2003-04
Yale, 2003-04
Cornell, 2004-05
Brown, 2004-05
RPI, 2004-05
Princeton, 2008-09
Quinnipiac, 2008-09
Union, 2009-10
Dartmouth, 2010-11
Princeton, 2010-11
Union, 2010-11
Union, 2011-12
Quinnipiac, 2012-13
Yale, 2012-13

That's the list of teams that have swept weekends at the North Country in the last 10 seasons. It's happened 14 times, including twice already this year.

In the same span, teams have come to the Capital District and swept weekends 16 times. Ooh, big difference.

Let's cut the crap about the mystical North Country where no one ever succeeds already. It's hard to sweep on the road no matter where it is. The Cornell/Colgate trip has been swept only 11 times in that span, and while it's obviously a difficult trip, it's never treated with the hushed tones of the "dreaded" North Country.

A sweep this weekend won't be easy, because it never is on the road. RPI has swept road weekends only seven times in the last 10 seasons. A team as good as Cornell has been in the last decade managed only 11 sweeps in what has been 48 road weekends (they have two more in the next month to make 50).

But let's not act like it's impossible - or that it's necessarily harder somehow in the North Country.

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