Friday, February 15, 2013

Do the Houston Shake

Well, first off... this.

That's Matt and Kim at the Field House on Monday night. The Harlem Shake has become a genuine YouTube phenomenon and their rendition appears to be among the most critically acclaimed - the video has picked up over 3 million views in the first four days it has been up with many comments declaring it the best of the best. It's inventive to say the least.

That's some serious energy. Hopefully some of it is left over for the home team to use this coming weekend. They could well need it. They face two teams that are very solid tonight and tomorrow.

Tonight, it's a Brown team that just shut out Yale on Tuesday night. Hopefully, that was a burdensome defensive effort on their part, but it's not a flash in the pan - Brown goaltender Anthony Borelli has put up slightly better numbers in net than Jason Kasdorf in about the same amount of playing time. Kasdorf's winning percentage is higher, which could point to an offensive edge for RPI tonight.

Then it's Yale on Saturday night, a tough team to play against no matter how badly RPI took it to them earlier in the season (and in New Haven). Still, this weekend represents a great opportunity for the Engineers. With four more points, they'd push their ECAC streak to eight and guarantee themselves no worse than a tie for 2nd with four games to play.

For the women, it's very simple. It might be a road weekend, but these are four must have points if they want the sixth seed. Lose any of them and moving up becomes very difficult. (We're also keeping a close eye on the Dartmouth/Colgate contest tonight. Go Raiders!)

Don't know what it is about this song that jazzes me up, but here's the pumpup - maybe it's a hope that success is sometimes predestined (although both teams have been . Let's hope that's what is in store for the weekend.

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