Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Love Lost

Ask a long time RPI fan who the most hated team in the ECAC is, and you'll usually hear Clarkson mentioned more often than not.

Ask a student or younger alum, and they'll reference the "one minute" cheer, but there's little doubt which team gets today's generation charged up - the Union Dutchmen. I'll never forget the words of a recent (anonymous) Engineer, who put the state of RPI-Union very bluntly: "We hate them, they hate us. It's pretty simple."

Let's hear some goal horns tonight. Multiple. Please?

Here's today's pumpup, which I'd actually been hoping to use for RPI-Union IV at Atlantic City last season... well, at least we weren't the only ones who were late to that party.

Public service: If you'd rather get pumped with the uncensored version, go ahead and click here (content warning, language).

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