Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goals For Good: Help the Tyler DeMarco Foundation

The season gets underway tomorrow - and thanks to a wonderful new charity project, so does a great way to give to some very worthy charities.

Goals For Good is the outstanding brainchild of Colgate senior defenseman (and captain) Kevin McNamara. Under the program, ECAC fans (or even fans from outside the ECAC) can make donations to exceptionally worthy charity causes based on the number of goals or the number of wins their team picks up in league play.

RPI, both the men and the women, will be putting pucks on net for the Tyler DeMarco Foundation in Schenectady. The foundation focuses their efforts on raising awareness and charitable contributions that go toward fighting childhood cancers. Just like adopted Engineer Ben Mayo, Tyler - who passed away in February 2010 at the age of 12 - suffered from medulloblastoma, a highly malignant form of pediatric brain cancer. Fortunately, Ben's cancer is in remission, but the battle goes on against childhood cancer.

Tyler said, "no kid should have to go through this." So very true.

Without a Peer is proud to team with McNamara and Goals For Good by helping to get the word out and solicit some donations - every time RPI scores a goal or picks up a win this season, make a little donation to help stop childhood cancer in its tracks.

Goals For Good is a bit of a competition between the 12 schools of the ECAC, but in reality, the true winners will be the 12 charities, who will hopefully be able to rake in thousands of dollars from generous fans around the college hockey world. Even if you're not an RPI or an ECAC fan, we ask you to check out the Goals For Good website and make a pledge or two to the Tyler DeMarco Foundation or one of the other 11 worthy causes.

College hockey is a community. RPI Hockey is also a community. Let's show the world that our communities truly care.

If you would like to make your donation public, leave us a comment or shoot us an email and we'll put it up on this page. Thank you in advance.

WaP's Tom Reale will donate $1 per goal and $2 per win.

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