Friday, November 11, 2011

Fade to Black

Apologies for the lack of content this week. Combination of a hectic week and a general lack of additional things to say about both teams' struggles - that led to a lack of a podcast too, which we'll remedy next week. We had wanted to do a Black Friday jersey retrospective pictorial yesterday, but couldn't secure the necessary permissions for use of the pictures.

Anyway... moving on. Jacob Laliberte returns to the lineup tonight, just in time for Black Friday, which has traditionally been a winning proposition for the Engineers. They are 7-0-1 all time in the black uniforms and have not lost the league home opener since 2002 - the year before the advent of Black Friday. There have been some pretty rough teams in that stretch - and there have been some pretty difficult opponents as well, but the worst result thus far has been walking away with a tie in 2007 against Yale, who appears in their record third Black Friday tonight (no other team has featured more than once).

The women are in a must win situation as well, facing a Brown/Yale road weekend in which their opponents have 2 and 0 points respectively. If they can't walk away with some serious points this weekend, they're going to be in a desperate battle all season long to make the playoffs.

Here it is... our third annual Black Friday pumpup.

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