Friday, November 4, 2011

The League

Now comes the part where the games matter a little bit more. With the Ivies rousted from their usual October hibernation, the league schedule gets underway in earnest this weekend for the men as they get the North Country trip out of the way early this year in a couple of games they should probably be competitive in.

The women, meanwhile, already have two home games down and while their play is improving, they still only took one point away from a weekend in which they played well enough to earn four. With another home weekend tonight and tomorrow, they're going to have to pick it up against an always-strong North Country duo, because not counting the Union games, they'll be down to just three more home weekends against five road weekends the rest of the way - those home points are very, very important.

This week's pump-up comes courtesy of Ed Lass, a heck of an outstanding individual who knows his Capital District college sports well enough to have been a guest on WaP Radio last year. He suggested "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire.

The band is from Montreal, so it's appropriate for heading up to Potsdam. RPI should fare better in the rest of the season, but some of the fans may need to "wake up" about that... or maybe the offensive scoring needs to "wake up." The song just has a lot of energy. It's sort of unexpected because the beat isn't that fast and the lyrics are more melancholy, but the rhythm guitar and drum just drive the song. Sometimes I listen to it in the morning as my own pump-up song.

Well put, Ed. Without further ado...

If you'd like to try your hand with next week's pumpup... well, forget it, because we've got our traditional Black Friday pumpup already in the chamber. But we're going to have a special Tuesday pumpup afterwards for the Union game, so if you'd like to try your hand at that, hit us up by email - tomyousieve (ought) gmail (dat) com.

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  1. Ouch, tough weekend. I won't be offended if you revoke my pump-up music suggesting privileges.


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