Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thank You

Yesterday was almost a complete disaster for RPI and basically every other team on the bubble. After getting the wrong results in both games on Thursday, the first three straight games went poorly for the Engineers, and after finally getting one good result (barely), one more bad game was all it took to mathematically eliminate RPI from contention for the NCAA tournament. They needed favorites to win, usually a good place to be. Favorites have been falling left and right. Some teams that were thought to be virtual locks are now sweating it out today.

So amidst the absolute wreckage that is... well, basically every conference tournament out there, allow us to step aside from the mess with just one simple message.

Thank you.

#14 Greg Burgdoerfer - East Setauket, NY - Business and Management
#22 C.J. Lee - Staten Island, NY -  Mechanical Engineering
#27 Marty O'Grady - London, ON - Business and Management
#29 Nick Bailen - Fredonia, NY - Business and Management
#32 Bryce Merriam - Bethel Park, PA - Business and Management


#5 Katie Daniels - Rockton, IL - Mechanical Engineering
#15 Taylor Horton - St. Thomas, ON - Interdisciplinary Science/Psychology
#17 Clare Padmore - Toronto, ON - Civil Engineering
#21 Andie Le Donne - Toronto, ON - Communications
#26 Kristen Jakubowski - Colorado Springs, CO - Biomedical Engineering

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