Saturday, March 16, 2013

Desperate Measures

See what we were talking about with how much things can change in 60 minutes?

Apparently, our pumpup plea from yesterday went unheeded, as RPI appeared to sleepwalk through most of the first two periods. Passing was beyond bad, and there was far too much cuteness being attempted. Fundamentals are bad, the game is bad.

And make no mistake - Brown came to play. It was never in doubt that they would. The Engineers, however, seemed to play their game more in line with a frequent statement from Seth Appert last year and early this year - "they wanted it to be easy."

There's never any "easy" in the playoffs. And now, to save the season - the Engineers fell to 17th in the Pairwise last night, and out of the tournament field - there must be two wins in a row.

It can be done.

It must start tonight.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day. Here's your pumpup.

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