Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Brief History of Time

Watching RPI these past two nights has been like watching the season unfold.

Friday, the team looked a lot like it did in November. Enough said.

Saturday, the first period looked like December. Playing well, but not getting the results you'd want to get out of that play.

The second period was like January - getting better and seeing more of the results you wanted to see, but with a few hiccups.

The third period was like February, with outstanding play that simply left the other team in the dust.

Let us hope that journey back to where the team had been prior to the bye week will continue tonight. As satisfying as it was to take Game 2 and as high as the team must be flying after a very solid and convincing win last night (despite horrifyingly bad officiating... again), we remain just 60 minutes away from the end of the season if the Engineers don't get the job done in Game 3.

Brown's likely All-ECAC goaltender was torched for five goals and pulled from the game for the second time in four games against RPI last night. Getting to him early and often to keep his confidence shaken will be key.

It's time to get back to it. A coveted trip to Atlantic City is on the line, and is now within the grasp. Let's get there.

Here's another Irish fighting song for the actual St. Patrick's Day, again from the Murphys. This one has the happy benefit of dovetailing with our typical playoff theme.

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