Friday, February 5, 2010

We're Still Preoccupied

But if most other ECAC teams were in our position, maybe they would be, too.

The 1985 national champion RPI Engineers are back in Troy for a weekend full of celebration, starting before tonight's St. Lawrence game and running through the Clarkson game tomorrow - both of which are big for the Engineers.

How big is the St. Lawrence game? According to the numbers crunchers at, the RPI-SLU game is the most important one in the entire ECAC this weekend in terms of effect on the final standings. They currently calculate that the Engineers have a 30% chance of earning the bye. With a win tonight, that goes up to 41%. With a loss, it's down to 16%. Yeah, it's pretty important.

A bit of a throwback for you for this weekend's pumpup. A fun song with a bunch of mid-80s music video references. Apologies in advance for the fat guy half naked in a pool and later in drag.

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