Friday, February 12, 2010

That's What Lights My Fire

It's a big one this weekend - it's a big one every weekend. But since it's this weekend now, it's time to go out there and get some more points.

If the Engineers play to their full potential as we've seen them do, executing with the precision we've seen on multiple occasions, there's no reason they can't come out of this road weekend with four points and potentially put themselves in the driver's seat for the first-round bye.

On the women's side, it's officially crunch time. Tonight's game at home against the Crimson determines who becomes the favorite for home ice. If the Engineers can duplicate their sweep at Harvard and Dartmouth from just a couple of weeks ago, we may see the first D-I playoff games in women's hockey at Houston Field House just one week removed from Freakout.

Basically, we need to be raising hell this weekend. I think I've got just the ticket.

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