Friday, February 12, 2016

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat

You have to play to your strengths, and you have to mitigate your weaknesses. For the men, that's standing strong on defense and getting enough offense to get by. They have done neither for the last two weeks and it's threatening to derail what had been an outstanding application this season.

Now mired in the mess that always is the middle of the ECAC in February, they're tied for 4th but sitting in 6th, a point away from 8th while sitting three points behind the tie for 2nd. At this point, 4th might be the best case scenario, especially considering the caliber of teams remaining. But that fight has got to begin this weekend on the road at a Harvard team licking its Beanpot wounds and a Dartmouth team that's looks erratic but actually has a pretty stark ECAC reality - they're 0-6-0 against the three teams ahead of them in the league standings (Quinnipiac, Yale, and Harvard) and 9-1-0 against everyone else (who loses to Union? Honestly?). They've been winning the games they're supposed to win. Considering they've already beaten RPI, and on the road, Saturday's game counts there too.

Opportunity knocks for the women tonight. Three points ahead of Cornell and firmly holding the tiebreaker with the Big Red, they are essentially four points up and they've got a big matchup tonight at home against Harvard. I know what you're thinking - Harvard's a national power. Well, this year... look, it's not so cut and dried. They only beat the Engineers 2-1 at home back in November, and more to the point - they TIED BROWN. At home. Last weekend. That's not a team that's firing on all cylinders, and the Engineers get them at home tonight. With every point precious, now's the time to strike. Dartmouth awaits on Saturday and their season has been in a complete spiral for two and a half months. Their win over Brown last Saturday was their first W in that entire time span.

More Megadeth? Sure, why not. Two in three weeks, but that was old Megadeth, and this is new Megadeth. And I've tied it in nicely this week, too.

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