Friday, November 14, 2014

Put On the Red Light

Eight shots.

That's how many the Engineers put up on St. Cloud State last weekend in getting shutout for the second time this season. Harry Doyle from Major League comes to mind.

Didn't catch Perry Laskaris' broadcast on WRPI on Saturday, so let's just assume he said something along these lines. According to the research WaP reader Zachary Gannam (who hooked us up with knowledge on teh Twittars), it's the lowest shot total in RPI's Division I history.

Eight shots will be unlikely to get the job done tonight against a team that's allowed a whopping three goals in eight games played this season - #5 Quinnipiac. Tomorrow, they're up against Princeton, a team that doesn't quite have the defensive capabilities of the Bobcats, but they're scoring goals at a pretty hefty pace. Quinnipiac hasn't lost since falling to Clarkson back in March (8 games in a row), Princeton hasn't fallen since dropping a 2-1 decision to Penn State in their first game of the year (5 games in a row). This isn't shaping up to be a stellar weekend for the ladies, to say the least, not unless something drastic happens.

For the men, we've talked about how they're in a precarious first-place position. Now's the time to solidify that. Princeton has been giving up shots like The Ruck was on fire. Their team GAA is 3.50, AKA that's awful. Granted, it's a pretty small sample size of four, but this is what we expected from the Tigers this season. Might be perfect for the offensive issues RPI's become well known for lately.

Quinnipiac might be a different story tomorrow. Keeping the puck out of the net is an all-gender thing in Hamden, apparently. They kicked off their ECAC season last weekend with back-to-back shutouts of Colgate (a team of goal scorers) and Cornell (a team of no goal scorers). Before that, they were pretty sieve-tastic, so you never know. Bottom line, as mentioned in this space yesterday, four crucial home points for the Engineers this weekend.

No, this isn't The Police. You thought it was going to be The Police, didn't you? It's not.

Try this on instead. It's dubstep, so it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. This is either going to pump you up or wreck your ears. It's fun, and although it's instrumental, the title basically tells you all you need to know for this weekend's metric for success. Heck, flip the ice, and you can use the artist AND the title. See, we just reduced hockey to it's most simple form. Score goals. Don't let the other team score goals. Keep it simple, Tute.

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