Friday, November 7, 2014

Proving Ground

There's been some improvement from both the men and the women in recent weeks.

The women got themselves off of that painful winless streak that ended last season and continued into this season with a win against UConn two weeks ago. After settling for a draw in the second game of the weekend, the Engineers were sent straight into the lion's den, traveling to Harvard and Dartmouth. That's a tough haul even for the Clarksons and Quinnipiacs of the world, to say nothing of a team just getting its feet back underneath them. It's not a point of shame that the Engineers couldn't conjure up their first ECAC points.

The men were at rock bottom - or at least, we all hoped it was rock bottom. After being completely destroyed by Bentley of all teams, the defending national champions beckoned. It was the lowest of lows sent directly to the highest of highs.

Now it's time for both teams to prove that recent successes were no fluke. They're right where they want to be - at home. The women will have to settle for a non-conference series with St. Cloud State, but for the men, it's an opportunity for four more ECAC points (against Harvard and Dartmouth), and a chance to solidify the first place position the schedule and their play have given them. Every point is precious by the time February arrives - so the more you can grab in November, the easier things can be late.

So how about it? Who's hot, and who's not?

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