Saturday, March 8, 2014

Finish This

When you're doing battle against something or someone that wants to kill you, and you put yourself in a position to deliver a death blow, here's a quick tip: don't hesitate. If you've got your heel on the windpipe, you crush it.

There's no hard feelings against Dartmouth at all. It's just us or them, and in any situation where it's us or them, you make sure it's them.

But just as much as it's important to deliver that killing strike, so too can you be sure that any animal, cornered, will fight for its life with every measure it has at its disposal. Winning the second game is going to be much harder than winning the first. Despite victory on Friday, if RPI does not come out of that locker room just as desperate for a Saturday win than the team they're facing, it'll be on to Game 3, and anything goes from there.

Get it done. Tonight. Toll the bells.

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