Saturday, January 25, 2014

Do We Need a Miracle?

Let's be honest. Union has RPI figured out pretty good. They've got their system and they play it pretty well against the Tute and the Engineers haven't figured them out nearly as well despite all the opportunities they've had.

RPI is not playing overly well right now. Even with the 4-2 victory against Dartmouth finally ending the long schneid, if you were at the game last night you know you saw a team that didn't exactly look ready to take on a program that has lost only once in the last 15 games.

It's obvious from player interviews and on-ice demeanor that Union treats beating RPI as the end-all, be-all. Perhaps we may want to start acting in kind if we want to get this done.

No one thinks the Engineers have much of a chance. This kind of a speech does seem to be in order.

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