Friday, January 17, 2014

A Time to Roar

Union is up this weekend for the women. Ponder these game results for a little bit.

October 11: Northeastern 2, Union 1
October 12: Northeastern 2, RPI 1

October 11: Boston University 2, RPI 2 (OT)
October 12: Boston University 3, Union 2 (OT)

November 1: Union 3, Dartmouth 0
November 2: Dartmouth 3, RPI 1

October 4: Union 5, Providence 2
October 5: Providence 6, Union 2
January 4: RPI 3, Providence 2
January 5: Providence 4, RPI 2 (OT)

January 10: Union 2, Princeton 1
January 11: Princeton 4, RPI 4 (OT)

Five different examples of instances this season where the Dutchwomen equaled or surpassed the Engineers' similar challenge this season. This isn't an easy 4-point weekend anymore.

Make fun of Union all you want for reaching 8 wins and already having the best season in their program's Division I history - the Engineers have all of 8 wins themselves right now. Mock the fact that they're now threatening to make the playoffs for the first time - RPI's fighting to do the same.

Don't overlook a vastly improved Union team, not in the slightest. The results above - including last week's games against Princeton - ought to be enough to prove that this is a Union team that's ready to compete, especially if RPI comes out flat this weekend.

The Engineers have only twice dropped points against the Dutchwomen in ECAC play: a tie in Schenectady on January 5, 2008, and a tie in Troy on December 4, 2010. Last year, RPI lost to Union for the first time since they were in Division III in a non-conference game in Troy. The threat is real.

The men are having their problems with Union... it's time for the women to reassert their dominance. If ever there was a time to hear the Engineers roar, this weekend would be it. Tune into both games on WRPI for all the action, and watch our twitter feed for updates.

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