Saturday, November 30, 2013

In the Clouds

So... this was due yesterday, and it's late. A thousand apologies. Busy as can be on Thanksgiving weekend.

Yesterday afternoon, the Engineers defeated St. Cloud 4-1 in a game you should have been able to hear on WRPI, except for the fact that Public Safety apparently wouldn't let anyone into the station to turn the transmitter on and start broadcasting. What you missed were two point efforts from Lauren Wash, Jordan Smelker, and Alexa Gruschow as RPI defeated the Huskies, although the Tute did need a goal with just over two minutes left, followed by an empty netter, to sew things up tight.

St. Cloud is a struggling team, but they're by no means pushovers. They managed a one-goal loss to a then-still unbeaten Minnesota, and they took three points out of four from Minnesota-Duluth in their best weekend of the season, a decent accomplishment even if the Bulldogs aren't world-beaters right now.

RPI, as well, has had their own struggles completing a full weekend. It's been nearly a full calendar year since the Engineers swept a weekend that wasn't Union - when they hosted Brown and Yale on December 7 and 8, 2012. For the last road weekend swept, go all the way back to January 22 and 23, 2010, against Harvard and Dartmouth, and the last non-conference road weekend swept was November 17/18, 2006 at Sacred Heart.

So when you consider that it was still a one-goal game late in the affair yesterday afternoon, the repeat showing this afternoon could be a real... dogfight? Wow, that was lame. But anyway, this time, you've got a pumpup to get you motivated for hopefully being able to actually listen to the game on WRPI - a treat, since most women's road games aren't broadcast, especially not from Minnesota (we can thank Minnesota native Perry Laskaris, home for the holiday, for this).

Puck drop, eastern time, is about 4:07pm. Let's pump it up with a short one from the mid-90s, quick enough to get the blood flowing in the short time we've got left this weekend.

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