Friday, November 15, 2013

And the Cracks Begin to Show...

RPI is outpacing Union in both offense and defense this season. Their power play and penalty kill numbers are better. The Engineers' starting goaltender has put up better numbers than the Dutchmen's starter.

Union's no slouch, not yet. They're not your father's Union, we've said that before. But they're not your sister's Union, either. Forget the past - they're overdue for a whuppin, and Daddy's home...

For the women, it's four points or bust this weekend. Yale and Brown have a whopping two points between them in eight total games played. These are points other teams are coming up with - and while the Engineers are the only team to take points from Harvard this year so far, so too are they the only team to give up points to Dartmouth.

They're sitting in seventh place, a position they could shore up with a much needed home sweep this weekend.

It's a big one for both squads. Find those cracks... and exploit them.

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