Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where We Stand

There is one game remaining in the ECAC schedule.

RPI (6-12-3) is tied with Princeton (6-12-3) for 10th place in the ECAC, but sit as the 11th seed at present due to Princeton's head-to-head sweep this season.

The Engineers will finish as either the 10th seed or the 11th seed, and it comes down to tomorrow's games (RPI at Cornell, Brown at Princeton). If the RPI picks up more points than the Tigers, they are the 10th seed. If not, they are the 11th seed. This is because the Engineers cannot lose a tiebreaker with Brown (5-13-3).

Brown would become the 11th seed with a win over Princeton and an RPI win or tie over Cornell, due to a guarantee of having more points against the Top 4 no matter who they are (6 points already against the only guaranteed Top 4 teams, Union and Cornell). That would leave Princeton as the 12th seed.

RPI could potentially travel to any of Colgate, Clarkson, Quinnipiac, Harvard, Yale, or St. Lawrence for the first round. Yes, that is half the league, but those are the teams that could potentially finish in the 6th or 7th position, which are the places the Engineers would end up. They cannot potentially travel to St. Lawrence without being the 10th seed, and could not travel to Colgate or Harvard as the 10th seed. Anything else is possible.

Cornell (12-3-6) and Union (13-4-4) are tied for first place. The Big Red win the tiebreaker with three points against the Dutchmen this season. Cornell can clinch the #1 seed with a win over RPI. Union can clinch it with a win over Colgate AND a Cornell loss or tie, OR a tie with Colgate AND a Cornell loss.

There is a big mess for 3rd through 7th, with all teams involved holding between 21 and 23 points.

The final two byes will go to two out of Colgate, Harvard, Clarkson, and Quinnipiac. Yale (10-10-1) cannot earn a first round bye because Clarkson and Harvard play each other tomorrow and they cannot win a head to head tie with Colgate for 4th.

St. Lawrence (9-11-1) wins a head-to-head tiebreaker with Yale and would be the 7th seed with a win and a Yale loss. Dartmouth (8-10-3) loses a head-to-head tiebreaker with Yale, and therefore will be either the 8th seed or the 9th seed. As the 8th seed, they would host St. Lawrence. As the 9th seed, they would travel to either St. Lawrence or Yale.

A Dartmouth win or tie tomorrow against St. Lawrence would make Dartmouth the 8th seed and St. Lawrence the 9th seed - which means the Saints and Big Green would play at least three and possibly four consecutive games against each other at Thompson Arena.

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