Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Served Cold

The men and the women both face off with the southernmost in the conference, and both will be hoping for better outcomes than the last time they saw the Bobcats and Tigers.

For the men, a road weekend in December featured lost leads in both contests, and despite a long awaited reawakening of the offense, no points. For the women, a home weekend at the end of October to kick off the ECAC schedule occurred during an offensive blackout, and solid defense was only enough to pick up a single point against Princeton.

It's crunch time. In Princeton tonight, it's do or die for the Engineers with only two games left on the schedule. In Troy, it's time to take advantage of home ice for the last time this season.

Pump it up... and let see some turnout this weekend, because you may not get another chance until October.

Special thanks to Matt Forget, who suggested this song for this week's pumpup. It's apt.

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