Friday, January 20, 2012

Time for the Beast

This is arguably a bigger weekend for the women than it is for the men, so let's start off with them. Yale and Brown are coming to Troy, and both of these come across as very winnable games for the Engineers, given that Yale is 1-10-0 in ECAC play and Bruno is 2-6-3. Now, RPI isn't exactly lighting the world on fire at 2-8-2, but given the wide gap between 7th and 8th place (a shocking 8 points), the Engineers are now in a battle for the last playoff spot.

Does that mean being a sacrificial lamb for Cornell at the end of the day? Yes it does. But being that lamb is better than being at home, so the battle is on with Brown and Colgate for the spot. RPI is 1-0-1 against those teams this year. With the Union home-and-home next week, the time is certainly now for the Engineers to establish themselves as the team to beat for 8th place - eight points is not outside the realm of possibility in the next two weekends.

Meanwhile, the men are running out of time to turn the season around, and they face a Brown team tonight that has the ignoble position of being one of four teams RPI has beaten this year, and the only ECAC team. That might mean tonight would be a good time to bounce back from the whupping they took last week. Yale isn't lighting the world on fire themselves. However, the team is 1-8-0 on the road, and that doesn't impress anyone.

Gets tougher and tougher to get psyched up for the weekends. Here, try this one on for size. We haven't done any rap lately, especially not anyone as talented as the Nina. This is the clean version, don't worry kiddies.

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