Monday, April 4, 2011

A View From The Catwalk: Green Bay

One of the perks of being a WRPI broadcaster is you get to take an ocassional long road trip.
For me, it was Denver and Columbus; for others it's Huntsville, Minneapolis, and Alaska. However, I got to go to Green Bay to air the first game that RPI would play in the NCAA Tournament in sixteen years. The last time I witnessed an RPI NCAA game I was a skinny 14 year old teenager. Now, trying to find a flight from Albany "International" Airport to Green Bay was no easy task, but it was possible. Green Bay (which wasn't very green, there was still a couple of inches of
snow on the ground) is a nice little town. We arrived at our hotel where the team and the band were also staying, for a little R&R after a long and stifling plane ride. (I'm 6'4", the plane that I was riding in was so small I felt like a sardine.) Trying to find something to do in Green Bay would be hard if it wasn't for two words: Lambeau Field. This shrine to Packer football is awe-inspiring, even for a Giants fan.

This however, is pretty much the only thing to do in Green Bay in late-March. (There are others, but of the three major attractions, two were closed.) After doing all of the touristy stuff, it was back to the hotel for a little R&R before the big game the next afternoon.
Unfortunately, the picture on the right
taken while the teams were warming up would be the only time where the scoreboard would show a tie score. RPI came out well, but were unable to hang with North Dakota. The game hass been documented plenty of times, so I won't rehash it. This trip was a great opportunity to see three other teams that we rarely get to see live, so from a college hockey aspect, that was fun. Overall, Green Bay is a nice little town; but if anyone is ever considering going out there; make sure it is in the summer when everything's going. RPI had a great season, so maybe I'll get to take another trip to the NCAA's next year.

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