Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank You

Gosh it's been a while. Not posting on a daily basis seems... odd. A second new job, coupled with the end of the season will do that. Gary and I are jetting off to the Frozen Four tomorrow, but before we left, we just wanted to say... thank you.

Thanks to all of our readers (and listeners) who made this a fantastic season at WaP. We tried to grow a little bit this year and I think we accomplished that with the podcast. We tried some things that didn't work, like the live chats during games (partially, I think, because we were usually at said games), and some things that unexpectedly went very well, like the Judgment Day live blog when we watched as the pieces fell into place for RPI to make the national tournament.

But most of all... thank you to the players who have worn the cherry and white for the last time. You all left an indelible mark on the Institute. Thank you for all the great years we had to watch you grow as hockey players and student-athletes, and we wish you the best of luck in the future as leaders in your respective fields.

#23 Ashley Gaylord - Forward - Claverack, NY - Business Management
#24 Sydney O'Keefe - Forward - Prior Lake, MN - Business Management
#27 Kendra Dunlop - Forward - Granum, AB - Business Management
#33 Sonja van der Bliek - Goaltender - Toronto, ON - Business Management

#4 Bryan Brutlag - Forward - Lakeville, MN - Mechanical Engineering
#5 John Kennedy - Defenseman - Saginaw, MI - Chemical Engineering
#7 Jeff Foss - Defenseman - Moorhead, MN - Mechanical Engineering
#10 Scott Halpern - Forward - Boca Raton, FL - Business Management
#15 Tyler Helfrich - Forward - Calgary, AB - Business Management
#20 Kevin Beauregard - Forward - South Windsor, CT - Computer and Systems Engineering
#21 Chase Polacek - Forward - Edina, MN - Business Management
#30 Allen York - Goaltender - Wetaskiwin, AB - Business Management

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