Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tomorrow's Podcast: Jayson Moy

First, most humble apologies for not having a podcast last week. Things were very hectic in real life and I just wasn't able to land a decent guest or have time to put things together. To everyone who has taken the time to send us a donation, I know you expect us to deliver the goods and that simply did not happen last week. I will do my best to ensure that it does not happen again.

That said, hopefully, I can make amends with this week's guest. He is the long-time general manager of USCHO, the Patron Saint of Bracketology, and an RPI alum to boot, Jayson Moy. He'll join us at the very start of the show Thursday morning at 10 am Eastern time to talk about the PairWise Rankings, Bracketology, his years as the every-day play-by-play man at WRPI, and much more.

Concerned about the early start time? Don't sweat it. We encourage all of our listeners to listen live when they can, but all of our podcasts are always available for download afterwards, and that's the most convenient way to listen. Just click in "Listen to Without a Peer" whenever you want to listen to our back episodes, or subscribe to us on iTunes and it'll automatically download. We have been employing different times for the podcast to best accommodate our guests' schedule. The flexibility to listen later with the podcast allows us to book the best and most interesting guests that we can despite being a relatively low-key operation.

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