Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tragedy at 60:00 - 10 months later

It doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but a true tragedy unfolded back in January at Houston Field House last season.

Watch it again, just the "injury."

Poor, poor Taylor Davenport. Such a shame that a Division I college hockey player, and a senior, no less, can't keep his head up while shooting the puck off-balance in the final seconds of a game his team was leading by 3 goals. It is truly tragic. At least his teammates showed the ultimate class in the wake of such heartache.

Of course, it wasn't seen that way in Central New York.

Even before he made headlines whining about the referees, Mike Schafer was issuing thinly veiled threats through the media.
Cornell coach Mike Schafer is hoping that Davenport can play one of Cornell's games this weekend against Yale and Brown, but isn't counting on it. Schafer and the Big Red already are looking forward to the rematch with RPI on Feb. 20 at Lynah Rink.

"Our guys will have a long memory when they come back to Lynah," Schafer said.

Cornell fans were angry with Erik Burgdoerfer's role in Davenport's misfortune.

Cornell has had four games with the Engineers at their dump since this tragic event, and haven't headhunted yet (unless you count the aforementioned stripes caterwaul), but they will be returning to Troy for the first time since tragedy struck that night at Houston Field House. Could this be the weekend Mr. Schafer's threats come to fruition? We hope not. We hope the Big Red will comport themselves with same kind of class and panache that they displayed on that fateful night.

Please, dear reader, pause with me a moment, and reflect.

NEVER FORGET (how to skate)
(Total games missed: one)

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