Friday, December 11, 2009

Battle in Beantown

Lee and Bergin still out with their nagging injuries. Jerry D'Amigo tweaked his MCL against Union (the same team he initially hurt it against... what is it with Union and Jerry's knee?) and Appert is sitting him despite protestations from the man - he'll miss tonight and more than likely GLI, since he'll probably be on the US National Junior Team. Also out is Paul Kerins, who will sit due to his antics at the end of Wednesday's game. Hashed up lineup? Probably.

Will the Engineers get back to .500 before Christmas? BU may be the defending national champions, but they aren't exactly in a position to retain that title in Detroit - and by that I mean, they have 4 wins all year.

Oh yeah. Go check out Gross Misconduct Hockey's assessment on tonight's game.

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