Thursday, January 7, 2016

ECAC Immersion

Well, that's all. The next time RPI hockey, men's or women's, takes on a team from outside the ECAC, it'll be October - or, God-willing, March. It's time to do battle.

Tonight, the men finish a long road-trip - literally - by concluding their Midwestern journey in the most natural of places, New Jersey. And we've said it before and will say it again: if you're going to be a top 4 team, there are games that you absolutely must win in order to prove it. Tonight, even on the road at Princeton, is one of those nights. The Tigers aren't as bad as they were last season and are probably better than their record (they've been in a few nailbiters). Nevertheless, tonight looms as not only a winnable game, but one a team claiming top honors should win.

Tomorrow and Saturday, the women host Quinnipiac and Princeton in what could be the most difficult home weekend of the year - the Bobcats are #1 in the ECAC by winning percentage, and Princeton's #2. As we've often mentioned when it comes to weekends like, this, these are bonus points up for grabs. Gotta snag some of these where possible if you're going to make the playoffs, and what better place to do that than Houston Field House?

Anyway... the fight to the finish begins now, and here's the fun part.

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