Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ain't Nothin' But a G Thang

Delaying the usual weekend recap by a day - in part because the mid-season break is upon us, but also to mark a special occasion here at WaP.

We weren't really sure what we were getting into when we started this place up six years ago, but we're still pretty psyched that we did. It's a labor of love, and even though those labors have changed (our lives make it pretty difficult these days to do the podcasts and goofy/cheesy/awful photoshops that we used to have more or less on a weekly basis, and the number of editorials have sadly decreased), we're still here, and still cranking away. Still recapping weekends, pumping up, offering occasional words of wisdom, and cracking wise on Twitter between live tweets.

And this post is something of a mid-season thank-you note to our readers: it is our 1,000th post on the blog. We wouldn't have gotten this far if nobody read us. We're nothing without you.

So, in honor of this milestone, a hearkening back to the "old" WaP, which included goofy/cheesy/awful photoshops. And the winner is... a three-goal weekend by Jesper Ohrvall, finally getting the monkey off his back (and earning ECAC Rookie of the Week honors for his efforts).

Be gone, monkey. Be gone.

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