Friday, January 16, 2015

I Don't Want A Large Farva

So, does anyone remember Super Troopers? Ahh, of course you do. They're making a sequel.

Yes, one of the best cult classics out there from the last decade is getting a second chapter - and here's something you probably didn't know about Super Troopers that makes it semi-relevant to this weekend's games: Broken Lizard, the comedy troupe that wrote and starred in the film, formed at Colgate in 1990. The five members of the group are all Colgate alums from the same fraternity.

Now, here's where your mind gets blown (or probably not, but stick with it). Remember the fast-food scene from Super Troopers? The one where Farva antagonizes the "burger punk" behind the counter and gets a lapful of soda for his trouble? (NSFW, salty language) The actor who plays the "burger punk" in the pink shirt is a guy named Charlie Finn.

And who's Colgate's starting goaltender? A sophomore named Charlie Finn. No, it's not the same guy, Super Troopers came out when this Charlie Finn was about eight. C'mon man.

So what if it's just an excuse to be weird during this weekend's pumpup meow?

RPI is probably going to need to whip out some of their best shenanigans if they're going to come out on top tonight against the Raiders. They've been a streaky team this year, and like the Engineers, they've been through a serious injury bug, but they're mostly recovered from the issues they've had. Sharp defense is going to be a must at the Field House tonight, because a team struggling to score like RPI is going to have a hard time getting one past the burger punk - he's only allowed three goals in the last four games, none of which were in Hamilton.

Both teams might need a ramrod to score on Saturday as two of the worst offenses in the nation link up when Cornell comes to town. The Big Red combine that, however, with the nation's top defense, so goals will be at a premium both nights, in all likelihood. If the Engineers play to their strengths now that they can field an optimum lineup, they could potentially go punch for punch, though. Stay tuned.

The women last weekend missed a chance to enhance their playoff chances by going 0-for-5 on the power play and getting shutout by a Dartmouth team that was right in front of them in the standings. Still sitting in 9th place and out of the playoffs, the Engineers are four whole points behind Yale for 8th. Next weekend's games against Union are critical, but anything they can muster for what's likely to be a very difficult weekend in the North Country would be huge as well.

I know what you're thinking. Did I miss the song? No, you didn't. Since both teams are going to need to play like well oiled machines to come away with badly needed points this weekend, here's a song about a machine that has pump-worthy qualities.

No, no more Super Troopers references in the song. I just lost a buck. To myself!

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