Friday, October 31, 2014

The Men in Black

Not sure what happened to last week's pumpup. Given the way the weekend went for the men, perhaps it's better to keep that one in the chamber anyway.

This isn't likely to be a fun weekend for RPI on the scoreboard. The women are at Harvard and Dartmouth, to start off their ECAC schedule, while the men have the opportunity to seize first place in the ECAC with a win tonight at home against Union.

Yes, that last part was tongue-in-cheek. The Route 7 Rivalry has provided some memorable games even at wide disparities (going both ways) over the last decade plus, but that disparity hasn't been this wide in a long time. We've said it twice before and it's worth repeating - if RPI doesn't pull themselves out of the tailspin they've been in the last two weeks, tonight and tomorrow will be ugly with a capital U. See what I did there?

But it's when things look darkest that improvement begins. If there's a reversal, perhaps one day we'll look back on this weekend as the moment things turned. We're not holding our breath. But everything that has a beginning has an end. Union's had a good run. It's been a long run. It may not be over. But it will end, given enough time. Perhaps that time is now.

Here's a reminder from a fitting source - the Man in Black.

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