Friday, December 6, 2013

Violent Overthrow

It's good to be the king - and if you haven't been paying attention, that's who's coming to town tonight.

Yale may be the national champions, Union might have the last two whatever you call them cups that come with the automatic invitation to the big dance. But Quinnipiac are the real undisputed kings of the ECAC, at least since November 2012. The Bobcats are 23-3-4 in league play since the start of last season. That's dropping a grand total of 10 league points out of a possible 60. That's insane. Put in perspective, RPI's already managed to drop 8 this year alone, and they aren't the dregs of the conference (yet).

But to quote the bard, to be the man (woooo!) you've gotta beat the man. Quinnipiac won last year's whatever you call it cup for finishing the regular season in first place. They're at the top of the table now. They're ranked #5 in the nation. If you want to win anything, you're going to need to knock them off the top first.

Some have said the Engineers were the team to beat this year. They haven't shown it yet. Tonight's a great opportunity to do just that.

The women draw a Princeton team that's fresh off getting punched in the mouth twice by the #1 team in the universe, Minnesota. They've scored four goals in their last six, but check out this run they've had. Boston College. Clarkson. St. Lawrence. Quinnipiac. Two against Minnesota. And bear in mind, they managed ties with BC and the Q. The Engineers had best be on their best behavior tonight, because the Tigers surely see in RPI the easiest team they've had of late, not that it's a major slur against the Tute to say so.

Tomorrow afternoon (yes, it's a matinee) against Princeton for the men represents a game they should win. Princeton, as has been their issue for the last several seasons, has a lot of injuries. They've been getting killed by pretty much everyone, except their upset win over Quinnipiac. And guess what? If they can beat Quinnipiac, they can beat RPI, you'd better believe it. Heck, that's pretty much all they've done in Troy for the last several seasons. But if you want a statement game, here's one to make it in, especially if tonight's game goes well.

As for the women against the Q tomorrow? Well, look, the Bobcats are still very, very good. They may not be fast out of the gate in ECAC play, but they're 12-2-5. It's a challenge to say the least.

Both teams have had their ups and downs. But as the saying goes, sometimes, you just need to stop complaining and start a revolution.

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