Friday, January 25, 2013

Dutch Oven

There's been a little bit of complaining about the timing of this year's non-conference game against Union - some complaining that it's still going on. That can pretty much cease, folks. First off, the non-conference game isn't going anywhere. Not sure if you've noticed, but it's been in place in some fashion since 2006 and before that it existed for a few years as well between 1996 and 2000, so... enough already. It's a local rivalry and whereas it used to be a joke, now it means something and it's only for the benefit of college hockey in the area now that Union sucks less than they used to. OK?

And yeah, we're going to rag on the Mayor's Cup because the physical trophy is probably the most generic thing ever, no one cared about the last "trophy" these teams played for (I bet most of you didn't even realize there was such a thing, or could name it) and no one is probably going to care about this one, least of which the players who have never needed a reason to get up for RPI-Union, but at least they're trying to market this game to the general public, which are the ones who need it marketed. So in that spirit, game on.

The Albany Devils are taking on their rivals in an afternoon game at the TU Center as the precursor to RPI-Union. Compare attendance accordingly and then understand why this game needs a future.

It worked out perfectly, by the way, that the non-conference game ends up being the same weekend as the women's home-and-home against the Dutchwomen. These are a couple of must wins for the Engineers, and considering that they lost to them for the first time in Division I back in October during their non-conference game. Then again, the Dutchwomen have been... treated poorly in the last couple of weeks, so it's time for RPI to strike while the iron is how. They're playing well, Union isn't, and these are four points the Engineers will want when they're counting them up at the end of the season and finding out if they get to go to the playoffs.

Two pump-ups for you this weekend due to the staggered start, and due to the fact that there wasn't much we felt the need to talk about this week. Enjoy the lame homemade video that goes with it (though it gets an A for effort).

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