Friday, November 2, 2012

Black Ice

Well, the site's black again. That can mean only one thing - Black Friday.

Take a trip down memory lane... a visit to Black Fridays past. Remember these unis?
(special thanks to and photographer Charlene Markham - great supporters of RPI Hockey!)

Yes, friends, this year marks the 10th version of Black Friday... time flies. Looking forward to seeing the Men in Black tonight, but RPI kicks off with a tough weekend for sure - the home and home against the second Frozen Four team they've played in a month's time, Union.

The Dutchmen haven't started out this season as the same dominant force they were last year, but they still pack quite a punch. RPI may have skated with them well last March, but mistakes became costly and that'll almost certainly be the tale this weekend, too.

For your pump-up enjoyment... here's a thematic diddy from Mr. Robert Zombie and his friend Iggy Pop.

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