Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Hockey

A little extra hockey for you this week with a mid-week event - the college hockey equivalent of a matinee movie showing. The women get their week's game out of the way early with a Halloween visit to one of the scariest places ever - Burlington, VT.

Tonight, the women seek to bounce back from their difficult weekend in the North Country by taking an almost equally tough bus ride to Vermont to take on the Catamounts. Perennial also-rans, Vermont has never had a winning season in Division I - much like Union, they've never even won 10 games in a single Division I season. They kicked this season off with the honor of being the first team to take on Penn State in varsity hockey - and they lost that game. They did beat New Hampshire two weeks ago... but then again, New Hampshire isn't exactly New Hampshire anymore, if you catch our meaning. Basically, if RPI wants to prove that they are the same team that took BU and SLU to the limit, they're looking to pick up a win tonight.

Here's a rare mid-week pumpup for tonight's contest... no Monster Mash or Thriller here, those are way too predictable (plus Monster Mash isn't getting anyone pumped). Try this on for size instead. It's got a beat and you can dance to it, plus there's certainly some kind of Halloweenish thing going on with it. And it's classic. Can't go wrong with classic.

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