Friday, March 2, 2012

A Time For Heroes

The playoffs have not been kind to RPI in the last seven campaigns - let's be blunt, they have just one playoff series win in that time, and they have the longest active streak of failing to make the semifinals after having been a staple there for seasons on end.

Last year at this time, we paraphrased an impassioned letter from an alum at another school to his struggling former teammates, and issued a call to step up to the challenge at hand. We again turned away empty-handed, but every new playoff year is a new opportunity, no matter where you start. Seven other teams are essentially in the same boat we are - six wins away from an outstanding experience.

Who will be the one to step up this year, as we get underway against our school's longest and most bitter rival? Can Patrick Cullen reproduce his heroics from last Saturday? Will one of the freshmen take a star turn as Allen York did during his freshman year to help steal a playoff series?

The playoffs are defined by the heroes. It's time to make some more.

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