Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No Joy in Mudville

Gordon Bombay: You think this is funny? You think losing is funny?
Les Averman: Well, not at first, but once you get the hang of it.
- The Mighty Ducks

There's honestly not much more to say about the last weekend. The women gave up 13 consecutive goals in four periods before (sort of) turning things around in the final two. The men took zero points from games that probably could have resulted in four points and managed to lose on Saturday almost literally at the last second.

They have a combined record of 7-24-4.

So hopefully, you'll excuse us if we are a little punch drunk at this point.

As self appointed court jesters, we're doing our best to find humor in all of this, even if it's dark humor. Gary and I both realized after the Quinnipiac game that as the season goes on, we get less and less annoyed at losing.

That's probably a bad thing.

Anyway, expect some more broader scoped stuff out of me in the coming weeks as we try to not sound like a broken record. Last year we were able to run a weekly feature on the PairWise Rankings. This year we're kind of... not. So expect some more "wide world of college hockey" if this trend continues. Which it probably will.

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