Friday, October 21, 2011

Spotlight Sideshow

OK, let's be honest. When the men march into South Bend tonight, they're the afterthoughts. They'll be looking across the ice at a Notre Dame team that is ranked sixth in the nation, coming off a Frozen Four trip last season, on their way to Hockey East with a fresh TV deal in hand, and, on this night, opening a fancy new arena.

Meanwhile, we've got injury after injury to deal with. No Higgs or Laliberte, likely until the beginning of November at the earliest. No O'Grady, out indefinitely with a concussion. And, of course, no scoring in over 120 minutes.

Safe to say we're the underdogs.

Thanks to WaP reader Laurel White for this week's pumpup. If you'd like to request a pumpup, hit us up: tomyousieve (at) gmail (dit) com. Yes, that's a dit com.

Be sure to head out to Houston Field House this evening to welcome home the women's team, they face Robert Morris in a pair of games this weekend - and bring along your radio to hear the men in South Bend taking on the Fighting Irish.

We didn't have much content this week - but there wasn't really much to talk about that wasn't touched on in some way, shape or form last week or in the recap.

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  1. I thought with the boys being off Saturday that I might get to catch York in Springfield...not to be as he's been pulled up to Columbus!


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