Monday, September 12, 2011

In Defense of Friends

We mentioned a few weeks back that Alabama-Huntsville was enduring what we called a "nightmare scenario" with the WCHA and CCHA agreeing, in principle, to a full merger.

Our friends at didn't need to be told that. They see what is going on. And thankfully, they aren't taking it lightly - certainly not taking it sitting down.

"[T]here is a possibility of dropping the Division 1 Charger Hockey program to the Club level, and a decision could be made in early October."

WaP is a family blog. So let me just say that the first word in our two word response is four letters, starting with the letter F, and the second word is "that."

Long term, UAH needs a conference that it can call home. Short term, it doesn't seem to look overly promising. But if Chancellor Mack Portera decides to fold his tent early, we'll never know.

It's time to make our voices heard. Sign the petition.

You may remember that Tech Hockey Guide and WaP made a bit of a mistake in using, which sends emails to petition targets on every signature, as a tool for our petition. After all, we were just hoping to show a bit of support for playing a few games. This is different. We WANT to bombard this decision maker with our numbers. We NEED him to see, full force, that our community wants UAH not just to survive, but to thrive.

Hockey at UAH isn't a novelty, not anymore. It's tradition. We, as a community, cannot turn our backs on tradition, not with so much about our sport about to change in the coming years. If UAH loses their program, it is a clear message to other schools that might be a little bit off the beaten path and outside of the "traditional" hockey areas: don't bother, you won't make it.

Please, sign the petition. Let the powers that be in Huntsville hear not just Charger fans but college hockey fans as a whole: college hockey NEEDS its southern outpost!

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  1. The user "chargersupporter" messaged me on USCHO, asking me to pass on the user's thanks to you for supporting UAH hockey.


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