Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Brief History of Pumpup

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Or, if you're in Canada, happy Thursday.

Here's a little something I threw together this week. Knowing that the team likes to take the ice to "The Ecstasy of Gold" when the band isn't around (as may well be the case this weekend), I put together a hypothetical introduction video for the forthcoming video board which will be installed at center ice and new sound system. We continue to hear conflicting reports as to when exactly these things will be installed - some have suggested that they will be installed over winter break (they would have between 12 and 14 working days to get the work done between the game against the US Junior Team on Dec. 19 and the Clarkson game on Jan. 7).

I'm not the best photoshopper in the world, as well established here, and I'm not the best video producer either, but I think this video at least gets the gist of it down.

Imagine Houston Field House at 10 minutes to seven on a Saturday night. The zambonis have just left the darkened ice surface. As the countdown clock reaches 9:00, the video board and sound system come to life:

As the video ends, the RPI goaltender hits the ice, and the Pep Band starts to play "Hail, Dear Old Rensselaer" as the team streams over to the west end of the ice to line up for the starting lineups. How pumped up are you at this point?

Obviously, the video could use some tweaking - video segments at the end to represent the current Engineers, maybe changing with each game, for instance - but I've got to say, it would be a perfect, and classy way to use the video board to get the crowd going before the game starts. What do you think?


  1. Nice job on video. I'm sure some of the students would find this helpful and very informative about the rich history of RPI Hockey. The "old" folks would love the nostalgia of it. Cool that you would take the time. WaP is a great service. Keep up the good work.


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