If I do sign, it’s to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs." That's an indication that he would prefer to stay in Troy than sign and end up in Kitchener of the OHL. That makes sense for his current position. RPI is closer to home, already familiar, and offers more in the way of training and development than major junior can with its hectic and constant game schedule.

But let's get one thing straight - Jerry D'Amigo can make the Toronto Maple Leafs right now. We knew before anyone that the Leafs got a ridiculous steal in getting Jerry in the sixth round. Then he was a key element of the World Junior team last season, and the buzz started reaching a fever pitch in Toronto. The final key may have been his offseason - last week at the Junior Evaluation Camp, Jerry was listed 20 pounds bulkier than he was by RPI at the beginning of his freshman campaign. I have it on good authority that he's gained 15 pounds of muscle hitting the gym this summer. That's commitment. He has the size. He has the speed. He has the scoring touch. Toronto needs all of it. There's no reason to suspect that he isn't ready for the AHL right now, even after just one season at RPI. That's a testament to the RPI coaching staff and to Jerry's drive to be the best.

Further, it sounds like D'Amigo may be in a position to get offered well more money than practically any sixth rounder should ever expect to get. No one, and I mean no one, should blame him for signing a contract that will give him that kind of financial security.